“C&C has been Reworking tablet presses for over 40 years.”

C&C Company

went into business to provide a service that was desperately needed by the tableting industry. There was no real answer to finding good used equipment. The equipment offered was equipment that looked as if it would work, but in most cases it didn’t work. The equipment may have looked good in the picture, but it was missing parts, broken and or just worn out.
Let’s all face it, you want and need equipment that is ready to run. You don’t have the time, people, and money to throw at something that looked as if it was ready to run. Time, there is no time, what is that? You need equipment running when you get it.
When it comes down to it, time is money. You never have enough of either time or money. You can’t afford to lose those valuable customers, not in these times. One needs fast delivery in today’s market place. Don’t look all over the place trying to find equipment. C&C has the people with years of experience and equipment to rework, rebuild, Rework, and change the equipment to meet your production needs. If C&C doesn’t have the equipment, C&C will find it. But chances are it will need some work.
C&C is your one stop shop for good running equipment. So take advantage of what C&C can offer you. If you don’t know what to use to make a product, ask C&C for help. The clock is ticking…..

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40+ Years of Quality

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C&C is your one stop shop for good running equipment. Take advantage of what C&C can save you.

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